10 Nov

Budget Presents For Your Girlfriends This Christmas

Ladies, Christmas is around the corner and it is time to start the seasonal shopping spree. This is a time when the stores go all out to decorate and offer the best products and services to its customers and to make sure the Christmas bonuses are spent at their store and nowhere else. Lucky for us, the consumer, this means that the stores and companies are competing against each other and trying to outdo each other, not only in terms of the decorations, but also in offering the best service and discounts available in the city. Seasonal sales have two sides to the coin. They usually offer the same quality products that you would find generally on the market at a much lower price. However, the average consumer usually gets attracted to the giant red ‘sale’ sign and spend much more than they initially planned on. This is a trick practiced by the many stores and consumers are thus, fair warned.However, as mentioned previously, this is one of the best times of the year to be out shopping and especially when shopping for quality products for your girlfriends or family.

For the best deals, it is always better to start early in the season. The discounts may not be as grand as when it is closer to Christmas, but you are guaranteed to get the best options before all the good stuff get picked out. Especially if you are looking out for designer wear at a discount, look out for items such as Louis Vuitton bags on sale online rather than at the stores.
There are special shopping sales online where you can buy designer handbags, clothing and even items such as Chanel earrings at a discounted rate. These make great presents for all your friends and family members while still going easy on your seasonal budget.

If you are going even cheaper, try to make some presents at home rather than purchase. There are interesting designs which can be done using a simple piece of cloth or small changes to simple items of clothing such as t-shirts or shirts which can be transformed into designer clothes not found on the market. Add a personal touch to your presents to make them extra special.This form of item can be bought at bargain prices from the local mall and the additions will rarely cost you a large amount, thus allowing you to stay within a budget but still gift your best friends super awesome presents this Christmas.

04 Nov

Choosing Fabric Colours For A Quilt


Choosing a colour or a pattern for a quilt will be the hardest decision you face when it comes to making a quilt. You will most likely be in possession of a quilt made by a loved one. Not only are they warm and comfortable to snuggle with, they are a reminder of the love that is bestowed upon by that person. It will serve as a source of comfort and happiness even if you’re so far away from home. You can make a quilt for yourself or a loved one as well. It will be a lovely way of telling a person that you care.

It can be quite difficult to learn the first time you start quilting. But with enough time and practice, you will gradually start to improve. Familiarise yourself with tools that are used in quilting such as quilting accessories, rotary cutters, quilting hoops etc. You also need to be better acquainted with quilting techniques and understanding which patterns go together. There are so many patterns to choose from such as geometrical shapes, lines and dots, Australiana animal prints, funky designs etc. 

One of the hardest things to decide is the colours you will be using on the quilt. Even though coordinating colours can be easy for a designer, it can be quite hard for a novice. Most of it hinges on your personal preference. If you’re gifting it to someone, consider what they’re favourite colours are and what patterns they are partial to. You can create a quilt with a batik fabric as well. Different colours inspire different emotions. For example, red signifies energy and liveliness, green denotes healing and yellow expresses happiness.

You can also play with light and dark fabric. Think about where the quilt is going to be. You can choose a lighter colour if you want to brighten up the room. Darker colours express intimacy and cosiness. Think about what kind of bedding you have. Maybe you can match the colours of your quilt to the colours of your room. You can even use bright colours for a quilt that will help liven up a room. The bright colours will attract attention. This will make the piece stand out from the rest of the room.

Know your primary and secondary colours. A colour wheel will further help you with understanding which colours work well together. You need to create a colour palette that will make for a unified design. Decide what your dominant colours will be. Bright or dark colours tend to catch our attention more. You can complement it with a neutral background. These colours are usually white, grey or beige and they will not attract a lot of attention. You can even use one colour for the whole quilt. You can highlight differences using different textures or tones of the colour.