17 Feb

Valentines Spent With Friends

Valentines is usually a day dedicated for lovers and they go on special dates to celebrate it. But what happens to the ones who don’t celebrate valentines? Well here are a few ideas of how you could make your valentines less boring and more fun. A lot of people get very depressed when they don’t have a date for valentines but they are missing out on the fact that their parents, siblings, relatives or friends could be their date for the day. Spending valentines with ones friends is the best out of the lot because they are the people who understand every angle and inside joke of yours. 

For the girls

One could organize a girl’s day out with ones friends. This is the least expensive way to spend valentines. Make sure to inform all your friends to bring their girls swimwear because diving into the pool ad chilling is an ideal way to start ones day. Not to mention the water games one could organize like for example water polo. 

One could even wear racing swimsuits as they are stylish and fabulous products. One could take some candid pictures with ones friends and upload them on social media to show the world that valentines is not all about having a boyfriend. A barbeque or slumber party are a few of the things to consider doing on this special day because it is all about spending some quality time with ones friends and these are good ways to bring that out. 

Shopping is always a girl’s type of adventure even if it means to window shop. So save up some cash before valentines and go shopping with your girlfriends. Indulge in even a movie day with your friends and it need not be in the cinema, it could be in ones house in bed. 

For the boys

Boys can spend their day by either going on a road trip with a bunch of friends and venturing places. Activities such as go-karting and paint ball are some good ideas of covering up the love sick mood. Try to always do something that will pump your levels of adrenaline and give you the same kick as having a girlfriend and going on a date. 

No matter what society paints, Valentine’s Day is just another day. So do not get all love sick and cry of depression because it is not worthwhile. Always stay with a high spirit and make each day count. Live life to its maximum and have no regrets but look back and thank yourself for making it through.