05 Oct

How To Make Sure You Look Good Every Day, Even With Only A Few Clothes?

With the hectic lives that we live, and the tight budgets that we have to work with, it goes without saying that most of us don’t have a lot of money to invest on clothing. This being true, it also goes without saying that smartest of us, will find a way to make the best of the few clothing that we do own or can afford. If you are looking to do so, then here are a few of our tips and suggestions to help you out…tailored suits

Take care of your clothing

Like many things in life, taking care of your clothes the right way, and making an effort with them can help to keep even the few clothes you own in good condition for a long time. Always hang up your once worn clothes, and don’t take too long to get them washed to avoid stains setting or sweat soaking into the linen. In case of heavy working or delicate clothing, hand washing and dry cleaning can be a better method of cleaning than simply tossing it into your washing machine. Pay attention to the brand of soap or detergent powder that you use to wash your clothing; as some products are too harsh and can harm your clothing and make them fade faster.

Splurge a little on quality clothing, and clothes made exclusively for you
Good quality always speaks for itself; and in the case of clothes and shoes, this is a golden rule. Never feel guilty about splurging a little on quality clothing that you know you can use in many outfits. Tailored suit bangkok for example, are always a worthy investment. They can come in useful for many occasions, be it that it’s a wedding, funeral, job interview or even a meeting with a client. All you need to do is accessorize it the right way so it suits the occasion; and of course, play around with the shirt and tie combo.

Be mindful of the colors and the designs you choose

Some colors naturally flatter your skin tone, and make you look dressed up and sharp; while others effortlessly will rob you of your own color, making your look sleep deprived and in bad need of the sun. Quite in the same way, some designs, regardless to whether it’s for suits or dresses, can play the same way. If you want to look good in what little clothes you buy, then make sure that both the design and the colors work in your favor. If you feel you can’t find the winning combo off the shelf, then perhaps it is time you introduced yourself to a talented good tailor in bangkok.

Learn to be creative with accessory placement as well as makeup and hairstyle matching