25 May

Importance Of Safety In Shops, Offices And Factories


Many theorists and specialists in the field of human resource management say that an organization’s greatest asset is its workforce. This implies that as far as the organization is concerned, its workers have to be treated with the greatest care, and their needs and wants must be satisfied. Worker wellbeing is one of the topmost priorities of any organization, even if they are capital intensive, as if any worker is treated wrongly or unfairly, it could lead to severe consequences for the business. Due to the rise in importance given to human resource management over the last few years, businesses are more educated and therefore more concerned about factors such as worker motivation, mental and physical wellbeing, safety etc, as if these are looked into and satisfied by the organization, they will benefit from a very productive and efficient workforce.

According to a theorist by the name of Abraham Maslow, individuals have a hierarchy of needs, the lowest being their basic, or physiological needs, and the highest being their self actualization or self fulfillment needs. In between, there are three other levels, being an individual’s security needs, social needs and esteem needs, hereby listed in ascending order. While social and esteem needs are satisfied by the organization by various means of motivational methods, the security or safety needs refer to both the individual’s job security as well as their overall safety in day to day life. Safety is very important, and many employee protection laws and acts have been put in place in order to ensure that workers’ health and safety is given utmost priority, while at the same time to act as prevention against any severe negative effects on a worker that may take place during work, which could involve disabling injuries or in drastic instances, death.

For example, if we take a garment factory manufacturing clothing such as cheap t shirts Melbourne, trousers, maxi dresses Melbourne etc, all workers involved in the production process should be well trained to operate the machinery. In addition to this, they must be well educated on the dangers and should be provided with safety equipment or safety wear.If we were to take a retail example or that of a commercial office, we could take that of a clothing store selling mens clothing or a bank respectively. In these instances, management should ensure that there is ample security service available for the protection of employees, as well as security equipment, in event of any outside threat.Failure to adhere to safety standards could lead to industrial action, lawsuits and a very bad image for the business, and therefore, businesses should endeavor to uphold safety standards for all their employees.