24 Jul

Teen Summer Clothing Trends 2017

Every year, at the dawn of every season comes a set of new styles and iconic dress designs that suit up that period. If you look back, you may recall how in the years of 2013 and 2014, there was a huge hype in animal printed material. Mostly the leopard printed designs were something that took over the whole women’s tops and dress designs. Last couple of years it shifted more into floral printed designs and along the seasons, people took it to different shade levels; more from vibrant prints to pastels.

When I was a teenager, mini-skirts and strap tops were in trend; we weren’t that exposed to the internet back then as well so we just had our own unique styles. We knew the main designs but we all had a style of our own, some would put hair accessories while some won’t but today looking at the teenagers or any age group in general, they pretty much do the same kind of designs. I have seen a lot of teenagers wearing Bohemian accessories online and different other stone-based jewellery these days and they usually take a very casual shape which looks quite easy to pull-off with any kind of outfit. Sometimes when you walk up to a store and see a lot accessories on a counter, you can feel a little confused in choosing which one to pair up with the outfit that you are looking for but now things are much easier as you can always look up to beauty blogs and make yourself updated.I will bring down some of the main summer trends that teenagers follow in this year 2017.boho-clothing

Most interior as well as fashion sector have taken quite a colourful but tribal looking designs. If you check up a store of boho clothing online, you may see that most tops are either crop tops or short tops with knots or tie-ups. They usually take very colourful prints or plain vibrant colours and teenagers would match it up with a tooth-stoned necklace, feather chain or even ring choker. Another style is having huge roses patched onto the tops or huge animal prints that give a pretty rock star look. Mostly these patched designs will be placed over the chest or shoulders to give it more of a highlight.

Finally, there are also a set of teenagers that prefer more of a calm outlook with peaches, pinks and rose gold shades. They will usually pair up their light dresses or tank tops with more metallic pieces to give a hint of brightness and shine. These are some of the main summer trends that teenagers follow this 2017.