23 May

Useful Tips On Selecting Gifts For The Bridesmaids

A wedding is one of the most special events in a person’s that will be spent with the most important people – such as your bridesmaids, who are usually friends or family of the couple. Giving your bridesmaids some memorable gifts that will remind them of the special moment is a fine way of thanking them for helping out and being part of it. However, planning a wedding is quite taxing when it comes to maintaining time schedules, as well as your budget. It is important that you set time aside to buy some good gifts for those who are closest to you. 

Consider Small Multiple Gifts

Sometimes a small collection of gifts that they can use would be a great idea – such as a few cosmetics or beauty items in a monogrammed or decorated pouch. Simple decorative gift bags can be good idea too, with some simple gifts such as perfumes, gift vouchers or even framed photos – just to name a few. You can maintain a budget when it comes to these types of gifts, especially to avoid over spending – but try to select quality items over quantity. For example, items like an eye mask, lipstick and nail polish are simple options.

Make It Personal

Putting some personal touches when giving a gift is warm way of letting someone know how much you appreciate them. For example, monogrammed bridesmaid robes, handkerchiefs or make-up pouches with their initials are few ideas to consider. Even jewelry with their name or initials can make a nice touch. A final gesture can include a hand-written note or card thanking them for being a great friend and for helping out with the wedding preparations.

Try Selecting Practical or Reusable Gifts

Gifting something like bridal party robes have become popular, usually in floral designs or plain comfortable options. Simple jewelry items that can be worn for almost any occasion do make great reusable gifts and will be something to look back on with fond memories. Personalized mugs or glasses and sleepwear are a few other options to consider as well.

Note Their Interests

You can try gifting your bridesmaids according to their hobbies or interests – such as signing them up for classes that they might enjoy, spa treatments or even a treat to a well-known restaurant. Another great idea would be to take a trip or a day out with all your bridesmaids. Gifting your bridesmaids with different things can be a good idea – but be consistent so that you can prevent any disagreements from forming.